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Elevated Marketing Assistant's (EMA) are Highly skilled experts managing your real estate marketing needs so you can put your focus on what matters.

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Reinventing Productivity

Giving you back the time to do whats important to you.

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Free up your Time, Energy, and Money

So you can spend more of it on the most important things.

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Real Estate Marketing industry pros, who have been carefully selected, vetted, and trained!

Why are Agents switching to EMA?

Agents grow tired of being sold on so-called "game changer" CRMs, and Marketing systems. They were left with a lot more questions than answers, realizing they don't have the time or the mental bandwidth to do everything themselves, and not yet having the budget to hire an assistant.

That's why so many Agents are turning to EMA. (Elevated Marketing Assistant). Real people who handle your Real Estate marketing tasks ranging from creating property websites, Open House landing pages, helping you stay connected with your clients, and even your social media objectives. Watch the video to see if EMA is right for you.

Simple & Effective

Having the tools to grow your business backed with a marketing team ready to create, and execute your plan of action all at your fingertips. It's very hard to become successful on your own. By accepting a little help from your (virtual) friends here at EMA our goal is to free up your valuable time, and much needed energy to put focus on both your business and personal life.

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Everyone has a different perception of what “affordable” means. We have clients that respond with, “Hell yeah, let’s do this!” and others that say, “This is way outside my budget.” The bottom line is this is your life and your business. You can spend your time, energy, and money however you want. But isn’t that the big goal in life? To spend your time, energy, and money on doing what you truly love? That’s why “help” is even a thing people pay for. We’re all here to help make your life better. So how does $118.00 a month sound?

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How EMA Works

in 4 Easy steps

  • 1. Choose It!

    Through the App, Simply select what you need created through our list of jobs.

  • 2. Request It!

    Simply push the request button to send the job you need done!

  • 3. Relax!

    Allow your Marketing Assistant to do the work for you.

  • 4. Get Notified

    We'll send you the finished product asap! It may take until the end of the day

  • In addition

    You have your own simple to use Smart CRM & Lead Management tools. We will even take care of importing your current client lists!

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  • Single Property Websites

    We will take care of your request to create your Single Property Websites. Just submit us the MLS numbers and let us know if you have any image or verbiage preferences. Price change? No problem submit your changes and we will update your tour.

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  • Lead Capture Websites

    Our team will create lead capture websites for any lead generation need! Please provide your custom pictures and verbiage titles if you would like them personalized from our defaults.

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What Dennis Arguello says about Elevated CRM, and EMA

Watch as Dennis draws the SHOCKING comparison of the quality of leads he paid for using Zillow, and the Quality Leads he WON using Elevated CRM, and EMA.

What Mike Diaz thinks of EMA

The president of Rancon Real Estate talks about the importance of freeing up his Agents time and how EMA is superior to hiring an Assistant .


Before EMA I was active, but not productive and there's a BIG difference! As a result I got burned out!"

YES!!!! Finally... a product for Realtors that actually solves all of our marketing needs! And all in one place! From CRM, to drip marketing, to specific listing websites, to text campaigns, to website hosting, to marketing landing lead-web-pages, and on, and on and on... Elevated Network got it right! So easy to use, so comprehensive, tutorials built in for everything, and AFFORDABLE!!! I'm so glad that I finally found a product to pull everything together in one place. Now, instead of managing several different platforms, I have it all here at my fingertips! Well done Elevated Network... problem solved!

This CRM is the Bomb!!! If you take the others (CRM) are twice the price and charge you more for the different software than Elevated. I been having them for 4 years and I Love the setup. Keep up the good work Elevated.